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  • Yeni Nesil Rakı Ajandası 2019 – Artist Autographed Limited Edition


    Deadlines are important, keeping track with a planner is the only way.
    But why not with having much more fun! This planner has a unique Rakı concept. Beside daily planning pages, it also contains coloring pages, pop-up missions, and facts about the Rakı culture. Enjoy!

    • Lined Daily Planner for 2019
    • Will be autographed under your name
    • Published by Overteam
    • Please don’t forget to note your name in the note box on the check-out page!!
      (Lütfen, alım sırasında ajandanın üzerine yazılacak ismi notlar kısmına yazınız!!)
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  • Istanbul Map


    Istanbul Map illustration for Victionary,
    Hong Kong, 2016

    • Signed Poster
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  • Istanbul Postcard Book


    Istanbul is a magical, ancient city where cultures collide and East meets West. Istanbul Postcard Book includes 33 different illustrations of traditional street sellers, architectural beauties & glamorous city views. You can easily pull off your postcard from the book & send it to your loved ones. Enjoy!

    • 33 Postcards
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  • Kerahat Vakti – Poster


    Raki is consumed with appetizers called meze, and locals say the best meze for Raki is conversation… Although main dishes of meat and fish may follow, the first mezes to appear at the table are feta cheese (beyaz beynir) and melons. You can enjoy the Rakı table on this poster!

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